giving grace

giving grace

To accept grace consider practicing living in grace.

Consider that everyone emits a ray or a force of energy.  The magnitude, composition and focus of your energy ray will be full of grace or full of ego depending on the force and direction of your intent and the level of your awareness.

 Give grace to God for giving you Grace and life.  Silently give grace in appreciation to your family.  Give grace for your food and from which it came.  Give grace enjoying those you meet.  Give grace to the plants that cohabit your home environment.  Give grace to the graceful animals that provide us with pristine examples even as others destroy them.  Give grace to the city that supports you.  Give grace to nature as you observe its beauty.  Give grace to the most beautiful body of all, your mother, the earth.  Give grace to those who are tormented and torment you for they know not what they do.  Give grace to those who serve you. Give grace to those who are ill that their hearts may be warmed and their bodies healed.   Give grace to all of yourself that you may become all that you can be.  Give grace to the holographic multidimensional interacting universe that exists in oneness with you.  Give grace to the wisdom that has been at your beck and call patiently waiting for millenias.  Return grace to God the father creator as due respect to the one that brought you into being with joyful intent and is the source of your grace and life.  In all ways always give grace in silence that your ego is not stoked and the energy of grace is passed rather than the energy of ego.

Live fully in grace by continuously giving grace following the example of your father that others might fully experience living fully in grace.

Consider grace to be a force, an intelligence capable of flowing from one being to another.  Consider grace to be a energy capable of carrying love and joy and information.  Consider grace to be a carrier of all awareness and wisdom that has been and will be.  Consider grace to be the construction material of all of the multiple dimensions or creation.  Consider grace to be the great redeemer that supersedes the mind easily brushing aside the ego and all of its created problems.  Consider grace to be the spirit blood of God, the carrier of the creator’s very life force. Consider giving grace to not be as baptism’s washing away of sin but rather an energy that supersedes rather than washes away the ego.  Consider Grace to be a gift of God to all who are willing to receive.

The songs Amazing Grace and America the Beautiful (….. God shed his Grace on thee…. ) come to mind.

Together co create for human kind, for the beautiful earth and its beings, a shareable connection to transferable self sustaining transcendent gracious energy. An energy of compassion and understanding that immediately superseeds the judgements and blocks of the ego. 

May the Grace of God intermingle freely with the grace of man and co create infinite joy and beauty.

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