healing and self image

healing and self image

You reach a point in perceptual development where you have to decide if you will allow yourself to heal, or if you will  continue to hold on to pain for reasons that you have not made yourself conciously aware of.

Pain is often based on an egoic need to hold on to control.  The lesson is to see pains, embarrassments, and humiliations, as teachings to open awareness of the egos need for control.  Learn to let go of the need to control and let go of the need to protect your self fabricated self image. Relax the need to control and you relax the knots and blocks.

Study your humiliations to see the lessons they contain.  (Use the Eagle’s perspective of previous posts. )

Can you let go of your attachments to your self image that is the root of humiliation?  Can you honor others with unconditional love, appreciation and compassion without consideration of your self image?

When you feel humiliation see if it dissolves when you bring awareness to the link between your humiliation and your defense of your self image.

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