heart centered perception

heart centered perception

Heart Centered Perceptiion

 As you pay heartfelt attention you shift your center of perception from the mind to the heart.  As a bonus you will notice a big drop in mental dialogue.

Practice becoming aware of the sensations that you can feel in your heart.  Listen to sounds and sense how they feel in your heart.  You will notice that some sounds stroke your heart sense more than others.  For example, the cooing of the morning dove strikes a chord in my heart center.

Practice feeling the texture of things, the freshness, the sight, the sound, the taste, the smell, all as heartfelt sensations.  Practice feeling the emotions of the environment.

Practice being aware of all of your senses and how they feel as sensations in your body especially in the heart center. Practice paying attention to your feelings as you exercise.  I have started this practice as I do Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi exercises in the morning.

Practice paying attention to what your environment and body is telling you.  Attend to discomfort rather than blocking its awareness. This is heart centered perception.

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