heart coherence

heart coherence

“Heart coherence begins when the location of consciousness is shifted from the brain to the heart, either through focus on the heart itself or on external sensory cues and how they feel.” 

“The heart is a tightly interconnected part of an oscillating, nonlinear neuronal network that is always processing electromagnetic waves within which information is encoded. . these interconnected networks couple with one another and begin working as one synchronized system.”  

When the brain entrains to the heart, connectivity increases between brain and body. Conversely, location of consciousness in the brain leads to an increased disconnection between brain and body.  Quotes from…. “The Secret Teachings of Plants, In the Direct Perception of Nature”…… by Stephen Buhner.

I recommend reading this book.  It is somewhat of a challange yet it offers tremendous insight into the reality of the perceptual world most of us are phase locked into.

This author believes that one can shift to heart perception by shifting attention away from thoughts and placing attention on sensory stimuli, or on the heart.  If you stop to think about it, (get back in your mind for a moment!) moving your attention to feeling stimuli in your environment does stop or slow internal mental dialogue. Try going outside and placing your attention on fully experiencing your environment.  No matter if you are gardening, resting in the hammock, or going for a walk you are shifting into heart perception.  When you shift to heart perception you should feel the shift, as you heart slows down, your mental dialogue slows and your body relaxes as it moves into coherence and balance.

This little window of perception will help many to see how they can step out of the disharmony of mental conciousness into the harmony of heart conciousness at will.  Just shift your focus into feeling, sensing and experiencing now.

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