hold your perceptual shift

hold your perceptual shift

It is great to perceive beauty, but you should be able to align within yourself “the world is beautiful” and stay in that perceptual shift for as long as you wish.

Take out the trash….. I mean take the garbage out of your head. Dan Millman the Peaceful Warrior movie.

All acts in life take energy. All creation is energy. In order to hold a perception it takes energy. If you want to stay in heart perception, loving life then you need to have the energy available to stay there. If your mind keeps pulling your perception to what your mom or dad or sister or your own brain said or did, or pulling your perception to what your first or second or third spouse or friend or boss or girlfriend did or might or could do to you then that is where your energy will go. Without energy your perception will be captured again by the mind. Unless you stay connected to the infinite source of renewable energy, eventually your energy is depleted and you fall back to lower perceptual shifts. As suggested earlier the way to stay connected to an infinite supply of energy is to stay in the state of Grace, appreciating, and loving where you are and who you are with.

It is pretty simple. Your energy follows your perception. Your energy flows to where you hold your perception. If your perception continuosly falls back to desires of your mind/ego then your perception will be scattered and your energy wasted and your mind/ego will be pleased as it still has power over your spirit.

How do we break the grasp of the mind/ego on our energy. How do we break its grasp on our perception?

How do you stay in the I am peace I am grace state of perception when raging desires of the mind would pull your perception away?
Practice, practice, practice.

Stop chasing mind scripts. Move and hold your perception beyond the reach of the desires of your mind.
Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using words against yourself or others. Use the Power of the word in the direction of truth and love. Don’t take anything personally. Don’t make assumptions. The Four Agreements ..Miguel Ruiz.

Keep asking yourself …Where am I NOW ? Frustration perception? or Grace perception?

The age old prescription for stopping the mind are 1. give away all worldly belongings then go live in a cave and 2. meditate past your primal scream into the great unknown.

If we wish to evolve we have to become like the Toltec Nagual masters, capable of shifting at will between worlds of perception.

To learn to hold your perception beyond the grasp of the mind…. Build your energy with…. right foods, right exercise, and practice holding Grace perception and Omnipresent perception.. Pay paticular attention to unusual perceptions especially to repeated unusual perceptions and seeming coincidences. There are no coincidences. There is a purpose for everything.

stay tuned….

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