human egocentricity

human egocentricity

Why is it that people choose to ignore the intelligence of plants and other creatures?  Why do we separate ourselves from these other intelligences and treat them as if they are nothing?  History shows that past human cultures have held their ecosystem in high regard. Those that did not quickly collapsed.  

Why is it that modern humans resist accepting the interconnection and intelligence of all living things?  If you ask anyone at random their opinion of communication with plants, you can be assured they will question your sanity.

Why is it that people separate themselves psychologically from the great intelligent ecosystem that supports us.  We are getting dire signals of distress from our ecosystem because we are ignoring its intelligence, believing that meager human “conscious intelligence” is superior. 

Many books and documentaries now detail the intelligence of plants and animals and their capacity to read our thoughts, emotions and intents.  (I could easily list 50 books on plant, and animal intelligence research)  We do not need to go to other worlds.  There is so much we do not understand about our relationships on this world.  So much human misery is a result of our refusal to accept awareness of what is right here.  Why?

Why are we perceptually blind to the intelligence in nature that is continually communicating?  Why has society and culture blinded us to awareness and gratitude of plant and animal intelligence?  What is the answer?

Is it possible that those who seek to control us have succeeded enormously by removing us from the intelligence found in nature?  How much time do you spend in nature?

The blinders of today encourage us to see (perceive) the non human world as threatening, hostile, mechanistic, subserviant, boring, irrelivant and even evil.   The great engine of commercialism ensures that our perception is continually distracted by material desires leaving little time for awareness of nature.

If one is to go out into nature and find his own morality, sustenance, and connection to Creation, then he is no longer a slave to the laws and demands of others on high.  He is actually free.  How many such people do you know today?

Most people readily accept the intelligence of their pet cat or dog, yet resist accepting the highly developed intelligence of  the African Violet on their table as they eat the highly intelligent cow, fish, celery, and corn without a thought of gratitude or awareness of what it is.

There seems to be something in our communal psyche  that says it is all right to destroy and use without consideration all of nature as if each thing is ignorant, without feelings, emotions, or thoughts. 

Because no one has any experience of nature and the intelligence of nature it seems rationally ok to ignore and destroy nature.  

Those forces that would control you and me know that they can not control a person who lives a self sustaining life in nature.  They know that to control us, they only need to dangle the distraction of our desires in front of us.

Consumerism forever binds your fate to the wheel of buying more and more useless entertainment and material products while perpetually creating more and more desires.

Genesis…   fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground…..   

This scripture and others like it beget the great human egocentricity ….of man’s separation from nature…. and enabled political/religious control through the resulting destruction of man’s perceptual awareness of the natural world.   The image of  man supreme on earth, created a society where man sure of his supremacy, neglected  and lost his connection to nature and the Creator, leaving the priest and the politician to make laws and rules for the ignorant masses. 

Strange isn’t it.  These books recorded by man sanctify the destruction of nature created by God.

All that is necessary to start to accept the intelligences in our world is to express an inner gratitude while you eat.    From there you can begin to learn that it is the spirit of these beings that we are eating.

If we do not eat other living beings we die.  It is the law of nature, one thing consumes the other.  Nothing is wasted or lost, all is recycled, eventually, even radioactive waste.

Be aware that plants and animals are intelligent communicating spirits.  They are your allies and teachers.

The following quotes taken from page 23 and 24 of Plant Spirit Healing by Pam Montgomery.  Plants have intricate signaling systems to alert their neighbors when danger is near…… they receive signals and remember…..  Plant’s enormous protein molecules can handle enormous amounts of information, which results in an enormous capacity for complexity in communication and retention.  As Jeremy Narby says, “Science now indicates that plants, like animals and humans, can learn about the world around them and use cellular mechanisms similar to those we rely on.  Plants learn, remember, and decide, without brains.”  A new filed of study has emerged called plant neurobiology.  The investigation of plant intelligence is becoming a serious scientific endeavour. 

If you are open to this type of perspective you may be interested to see …  or  The Society of Plant Signaling and Behavior.  An abstract book on the subject

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