i love you

i love you

“I love you”,  is the most perfect perceptual shift you can make.

Holding the perception at “I love you” unconditionally is the easiest way to transcend your ego program.

The most difficult part of this shift is remaining unconditional.  The ego and the Judge live on creating conditions on every perception you have.  If you find yourself tripping up as you practice this perceptual shift the reason is you are being conditional.  ie  I love you if you have the right look, the right sex, the right age, the right education, the right race, the right language etc. etc.  Practice removing conditions from your appreciation and you will learn what real love is.

When you can go through the day holding I love you without condition in your awareness you will see amazing changes in your life.  I know I have posted about this before.  The reason I keep posting about love is that such powerful changes come from unconditional love.  I want to keep reminding you to practice this perceptual shift.  PRACTICE holding these feelings in your perception…..

  1. I love you to each and every one I meet.
  2. I love you to myself in the mirror.
  3. I love you to everyone I see driving to work.
  4. I love you to the sun and the sky.
  5. I love you to the flowers in the field.
  6. I love you to the birds that fly.
  7. I love you to my family members.
  8. I love you to my thoughts.
  9. I love you to my car.
  10. I love you to the ocean.
  11. I love you to the mountains.
  12. I love you to the trees.
  13. I love you the cats and dogs.
  14. I love you to the stars at night.
  15. I love you to the tiredness that lets me rest.
  16. I love you to all the creations of God and man.
  17. I love you to my life.

I love you to each and every one and everything my attention recognizes throughout the day. 

As you become proficient with this perceptual shift learn to hold it without the “I love” mental dialouge.  Learn to feel being in the flow of this shift without the thought of it.

Practice love and be impeccable because everyone is seeking conditional love and you do not want to trigger another persons dramas.

The enchantment of holding the perception “I love You” unconditionally is that it holds you in the present here and now and liberates you from the tyranny of your programed mind as it  lifts you up to become an enlightened person.

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