Unless you live in a monastery every day you are assaulted by insanities. Insanities are always hostile, angry, fearful demands by fearful, hostile, angry people lost and unconscious in their own ego dramas.  These kinds of individuals are perpetually trying to appease their own fearfulness generated by their own inner judgements and lack of conscious awareness.  You find fearful, angry, hostile people almost everywhere.  Almost all of us are the recepiants and givers of reactive insanities every day.  We are victims and victimizers.

You should take each encounter with insanity as an opportunity an opening to bring conciousness into a unconcious situation.   Use each insanity as a trigger to awaken yourself.  Use each insanity as an alarm to awaken and sharpen your own conscious awareness to pull yourself out of the trap of unconscious reactivity.  Become conscious of being conscious of your environment and situation.

It is the egos trap to use recollection of insanities to maintain an endless loop of mental dialouge to repeatedly catch and perpetually trap your awareness.  Stop the endless perpetuation of reactionary drama in your head by using each recollection of an insanity you have to trigger your own conscious alertness.  Step out of your mental drama. Be conscious of your conscious awareness and greater self.

You are not anything identified by the ego. The ego is merly an inventory of memories and judgemental processing software.  Step out of the trap of unconsciousness.  You are the sensory awareness. 

You host reactivity dramas when you are unconscious.  You do not host the dramas when you are conscious.  Using the power of your intent you decide whether to be conscious or not.

 There is no need to feel you have to assuage some overblown unconcious  reactive ego.  You can bring your own conscious awareness into any situation and consciously decide the most appropriate behavior with consideration.  Remain judgmentaly neutral and use your mind rather than being used by the mind.

You can hold compassion for the petty tyrants in your life for they are lost in unconscious awareness. By remaining active rather than reactive you remain concious even as they are not.  In the end the shift in your perception is an advancement for the world.  Person by person, situation by situation the world becomes more conscious, even as the lost become more reactionary.

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