integrating your perceptual selves

integrating your perceptual selves

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Embrace your rejected self and perceive the split you become whole. Perceive your self acceptance.

As we develop we tend to block parts of ourselves that we do not approve of.  We develop a shadow self that consists of blocked emotions.  Our shadow self grows as we grow. Whether we like it or not our shadow self is always a part of us and affects our behaviors and perceptions.  Our shadow self carries many of the emotions that we do not want to consciously feel.  The shadow self is built around emotions of anger, fear, jealousy, lust, rage, even love.

As long you do not recognize and accept all of the parts of yourself, you can not integrate and experience life whole because you are not whole.  You are a house divided.

To reintegrate the emotions that you have blocked you can perceive them as composing a shadow self.  Maybe you feel that your shadow self is like the lowly creeping fearful Smeagul, the Golum in the Tolken novels.  It is useful to perceive all of the rejected components of yourself as a personality such as the Smeagul, or Scrooge, or whatever.

When you have a perceptual image of your shadow self then you have something that you can forgive, understand, accept, and even love.  When you accept, forgive, understand, and love your rejected self you recapture your whole self and the blocked associated energies.  You transform yourself and your rejected self into something new.  Something whole, like the person you were born to be.  Like you were new born.

Try it.  Consider what your rejected self looks like.  Perhaps it is sneaking around, fearful and angry in the very periphery of your conscious awareness. 

Forgive your rejected self.  Try to understand why your rejected self acts the way it does.  Give compassion to that rejected self the way you would to a friend in need.  Accept your rejected self unconditionally.  Most importantly love your rejected self unconditionally.

Accept and love your rejected self.  Embrace your rejected self and feel the separate you come back together again.  You are reintegrating your self.  You have become whole.

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