intention is the lanquage of the universe

intention is the lanquage of the universe

Intention is the Language of the Universe

It seems that the language of the universe that is read by all things is the language of love and intention.

The mysterious energy through which we communicate with plants is love and intention.  These are the essence of the universe.    Alfred Vogel, author of The Nature Doctor.

Modern man may be blind, deaf and dumb to the awareness of plants, yet that does not change the fact that plants remain intensely aware of the intents and thoughts of man.  Man can set aside prejudices and resume the awareness all living things are born with.

Recommended reading, The Secret Life of Plants, The Nature Doctor,  Primary Perception: Biocommunication with Plants, Living Foods, and Human Cells.

He asked a friend 700 miles away to send the intention of love to her plants that were connected to lie detector equipment, and recorded the plants reactions.  Backster was able to prove that not only did the plants respond totheir owners thoughts at the moment she sent them, but that they also felt her anxiety when her plane touched down at her destination.  Even when the plants were locked in a lead container, the results were the same….  Plant Spirit Shamanisim by Ross Heaven and Howard Charing.

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