intentional emotional shifts

intentional emotional shifts

Intentional Emotional Shifts

Intentional emotional shifts,  change the pattern of the electromagnetic fields generated and patterned by your heart.  Emotional shifts encode a tremendous amount of new information in the living field matrix. Because the heart can encode, read and store information on multiple frequencies and dynamics the amount of information that it can process to find meaning from is much more than the conscious mind can process in its limited linear fashion.  For this reason the processing capacity of the heart is holistic while the capacity of the conscious mind is merely two dimensional linear processing.

When you intend to experience the feelings that come to and through your heart, when you interact, you are opening your awareness to the broadband of heartfelt information.

When you intend to hold the feeling of I love you, you dynamically shift the complex field matrix of yourself and those around you.  You will have a reaction from those whose consciousness is not stuck in their heads as their energy will seek to entrain with your own.

When you intend to experience “the feeling of God bless you“  in your interactions you again produce a different dynamic change in the living field matrix.

The perception is …you can shift your perceptual center and create emotional shifts.  You can consciously choose to be in heart consciousness by choosing to be cognizant of your perceptions and feelings rather than your thoughts and stored memories.  Additionally you can move your consciousness to your heart center or other centers of your body simply by holding your attention in these areas.  Consciousness, we have rediscovered is not at all the exclusive domain of the brain.  It does appear that you can greatly increase your conscious awareness by getting out of your head.  (An interesting tidbit is that people who have heart transplants often take on the behaviors of those who’s heart they have received even though they never had these behaviors themselves before.)

The shift to feeling from thinking, is the shift from mind consciousness to heart consciousness.

Practitioners of these heart focused techniques report a increased intuitive awareness and a more efficient decision making capability that is beyond their normal capacity from the mind and brain alone.  Rollin McCraty from

Shifting the focus of consciousness to the heart – and away from the forebrain – results in entrainment of a large population of cells in the forebrain to cardiac functioning (rather than vice versa).  These populations of forebrain cells begin begin oscillating to the rhythms produced by the heart, and the perception of those populations of cells, the kinds of information they begin to process during entrainment, is very different from what they process when entrainment with the heart is not occurring. “The Secret Teaching Of Plants” Stephen Buhner

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