is fearth the name of our planet

is fearth the name of our planet

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Perhaps the best name for the planet we now live on is not Earth but Fearth.

Each of us lives our lives mixed with fear and love, yet fear rules the planet.

Look how the militarismim war machine has taken over America.

Look at the news.  Nothing – fearful images and projections.  Look at the advertisements, nothing but fear to motivate you.  Look at politics, pushing nothing but fear and manipulation.

Look at employment.  The rule of fear made manifest.

Look at social conditioning.  Don’t do this or that or this or that horrible thing will happen to you.

IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE.  One person changing at a time.

There is only love or fear.  You have the choice to choose fear mongerisim or love.

Perhaps the earth is splitting into two.  Fearth and paradise Earth.

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