ji te

ji te

Ji Te is the cultivation of kindness, loving energy, and self-sacrifice.  (Similar to being impeccable in word thought, deed and grace.)  Ji Te refers to the spiritual work of transforming the biophysical body into the loving Chi body used to express beauty, virtue, and compassion of Te in the world.

The Taoist practices that accumulate and transform sexual and emotional energy are part of the practices of Ji Te.

Ji Te is a accumulative practice, day after day, event following event, trial after trial that dissolves the ego, purifies the body and distills the mind.  Mantak Chia & Tao Huang “The Secret Teachings of the Tao Te Ching.”

Te is a difficult word to translate.  It refers to action, virtue, morality beauty and gracious behavior.  Te is the manifestation of Tao in all things.  Thus to express the fullness of Te means to be in perfect harmony with the original nature of self and all things. 

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