just say no to gmo

just say no to gmo

It is time for the world to stand up and just say no to genetically modified foods.  Some call them frankenfoods, for that is just what they have become.  Scientists have started morphing plants and animals combining their dna in various ways without understanding that holistic changes occur when you change a part of the whole.  Disaster is really lurking behind this one.

If you are concerned, please speak out against GMO’s to your congressmen and newspaper editorials.  You will be standing up against immoral corporate giants.

Do you realize that the GMO tools that are used to insert say, rat genes into corn genes, stay with the frankenfood.  If you consume the corn the inserting tool will transfer the gene into the cells of your gut and who knows where it will go from there.  To further compound the problem, once the pollen of these frankenfoods is out in the atmosphere it may well irreversible contaminate all living ecosystems of the world.  Truly GMO is a nightmare scenario.  Allowing scientists who have no concept of holographic interconnections play god with the genetic codes of our world is akin to allowing preschoolers to play with nuclear launchers.

This impending disaster could make the oil leak in the gulf of Mexico look like spilled milk. This is not just tinkering with mechanical systems, they are tinkering with the ecological balance of the planet.  Please let us put a stop to this reckless corporate greed before it puts a stop to all of us.

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