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The perception of knowing is worth considering.  In fact what you believe that you know says volumes about you and your probable behavior.

From my studies I have come to realize everything that we think we know is heresay and subject to change.

Compared to what there is to know about the universe, what we know is infinitesimal.

Perhaps some day we will decide that the universe is a big virtual game and all of its rules are subject to change on a whim.

What all of this means is to keep an open mind.  Do not be too disturbed by those who insist they are right no matter what.  Do not become full of yourself thinking that you have a great understanding of things. 

Let go and live in the moment without diagnosing and judging every detail.  Pay attention, play, and enjoy your life in awe and amazement at the divine intricacy the details of which we may never discern.

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