labels and names

labels and names

Labels and Names

When you stop labeling and naming, reactivity comes to a halt.

Just try to go about the day without naming and labeling what you perceive.  It is not so easy because of your conditioning. 

How long can you look at a tree before your mind names it a tree?  You are so used to labeling things below the level of your awareness. Pay attention when you first look at something and you will notice the label popping into your heard.  Now try to look around and catch yourself looking at something before you have named it.  See how long you can hold on to not naming your perceptions.

Do you get a different feeling from this type of observation?

From childhood on we are taught labeling so we can communicate to one another. 

Look at the big eyed wonder of a baby experiencing life without labels.  The baby perceives life.  Your perceive a label which is a definition taught to you by the communal monkey mind.  The baby sees the real thing in wonder.  You see a defined picture of what your mind holds.  Matthew 18:3  “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

 When you stop labeling things you become like a child again.  You see the world as it is without the smoke screen of the ego and the filtering mind coming between you and life.  Go for a walk and move your attention about.   Focus on one thing after another without naming or labeling.  If you move your attention quickly you may find your mind is not catching up.  Your mind seeks to label from force of habit.  Continue to practice and you may find that you will be able to perceive things for longer and longer periods of time before your mind attaches a label and obscures reality.

Practice perceiving without lableling in your everday life.  You will find you are able to interact with others without judgement.

When you shift to perceiving life without labels and names you open up the world of Now for yourself.  Without labels and names the monkey mind is disconnected from your perception.  With this disconnect it is easy to stay in Presence.

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