leap forward

leap forward

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When we let go we have the opportunity to leap forward.

We do not heal.  We allow healing.  We catalyze healing.  Allow yourself to recieve energy/information from the universe.  Open with the understanding that you can not understand what is going on nor need to.  Just allow the universe to take charge of any healing that can occur. Let the universe direct transformation as it knows what needs to be done while we can only have a small clue and the small picture.

Step back like the inner judge taking a big perspective.  Swallow the ego’s need to be in control and let God/Universe/Source be in control.  God/Source/Love or Universe does the healing.  I can not possibly know what is going on.  Your purpose is to connect to the energy of the universe and let it do what it needs to do without direction from your small self.   Be grateful and awed when you are allowed to witness transformation.

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