loading a waveform

loading a waveform

Since we are compositions of  resonating waveforms of energy and information, a waveform borrowed from one individual can conceivable be loaded into another producing a holistic change in the other’s overall energy structure possibly inducing dramatic transformations.  (This is a founding concept of Matrix Energetics.)

We keep in mind that the intent is to channel what is beneficial into our own energy structure to benefit the energy structure of another. 

The core idea is that we can perceive ourselves as the ones opening the door allowing change to enter.  We are not inducing the transformation.  We are the vessels allowing ourselves to be the doorways for change.  Creation does the transformation.

You can decide to load an information wave from a mentor that you wish to emulate to produce a holistic change in yourself.  To  load an information wave you drop down to a level where  you open the doorway where creation can produce change.

Try it.  It seems crazy I know, but we are here to expand perception of what is possible.

Drop your thoughts down into your heart like a rock falling from your mind into the pool of grace, and from there load the wave form of the Peace and Love of your favorite mentor. 

 Just let happen what happens happen and pay attention to what happens.  It works for me.

ps.  If dropping down to an altered state seems difficult for you, try moving down in your heart to the feeling you have when you see something extraordinarily beautiful, or hear a piece of music that really moves you.

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