luminous beings

luminous beings

Luminous Beings

When enough individuals begin to perceive one another as luminous beings it will create a phase shift in human society and potential. Luminous entangled beings will simply not expect to treat each other the same way as individuals that consider themselves as distinct separate entities.  This is a major perceptual phase shift in who and what we think we are.  As beliefs shift; behavior, expectations and perceptions have to shift as well.

Presently we interact with one another as SEPERATE solid objects occupying different points in space.  In fact we are not separate solid beings made up of seperate solid particles.  You and I are intimately interconnected with every being and thing on this planet.  What you do affects me and what I do affects you.

From one point of view we are assemblages of residues of stars, created from the light of stars.  From another view we are assemblages of what seems like particles, but when you look closely those seeming particles are composed of waveforms of energy OR light.  From the highest point of view we are pure consciousness projecting our experiences in a virtual light show, naively convinced by our agreements and beliefs that the show is the real thing.  In reality we are consciousness projected as streams of photons.

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