luminous practice

luminous practice

Try to go along with your day, staying aware, that you and everything you encounter is an assemblage of complex interacting photonic waveforms.  Try to stay aware that every one of these light forms is a virtual reflection/projection of  underlying complex interacting consciousness.

The earth you walk on, the people and animals you interact with, the plants and rocks and birds and trees are all interacting, permeable, flexible photonic reflections of organized consciousness.

You are a complex photonic reflection/projection of your underlying consciousness that you are at the most only vaguely aware of.  (You are the projector, not the projection.)  The linear processor of the conscious mind simply does not have the capacity to process the quantity of information required to sustain and project reality.  Your subconscious, superconscious and or source conciousness is the computational power that assembles the projection of your world.

note:  Considering  the world as a projection makes it no less beautiful because the beauty is a reflection of its source.

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