manually shifting assemblage point

manually shifting assemblage point

Manually Shifting Assemblage Point

In the Four Insights Alberto Villoldo describes a way to manually move the assemblage point to produce shifting perceptions.

I will give a summary of this system. I recommend you read his book for a more thorough understanding of what he is doing.

1. Become quiet or centered in whatever way you can for a few moments.
2. Place your hands in prayer position in front of your chest.
3. Then move your hands apart and feel the energy flow between them.
4. Now move your hands around the periphery of your body intending to sense a ball of energy. Mine was to right of my temples as is common I understand.
5. Once you find this energy ball which is about the size of a grapefruit cup it in your hands for a while and see what it feels like.
6. Slowly move it to a position centered in front of your chest about armpit height.
7. Try to hold it there. Remove your hands and see if it stays.
8. This is the optimal home location for existing clearly in every day life.

Alberto will lead you through movements of different locations, but this one will get you started and you may find that it produces quite a difference in your feelings and the reality you are perceiving.

When I did this exercise I found during the day that I felt much better, more balanced, more energized, more alert and clearer in my thinking.

Although intent is a strong factor in shifting perception moving it manually may provide a simpler solution.

Manually moving the assemblage point also has implications for healing. I noticed when my wife is having a coughing spell (her weakness), that no amount of Reiki or massage seems to help her. However, when I set my intention to move her assemblage point and actually moved it with my hands she soon ceased to cough and fell to sleep with a warm fuzzy feeling about her.

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