master puppeteer

master puppeteer

We have seen the power of collective thought bring down the Iron Curtain.  As more people become aware that there is one grand manipulator who has Power over governments, churches  and corporations; the power of collective thought can change this situation.  It is just a shift of your perception.  With just a shift in public awareness the whole world will change, puppeteer.

The master puppetier has kept himself hidden for hundreds and thousands of years and hence there was no way for the power of collective thought to mass against him to create change.  It is our awareness of an entity (or a thought form) manipulating everyone that gives us the power to change that entity.  When many people realize that religious organizations, corporations, news organizations, politicians, even presidents become puppets before this one, then we will amass the power to demand change.

In the same way that Gorbachov embraced freedom and liberated millions, so can the one in real power find his heart and bring forth the opportunity for many to create heaven on earth.

For those who doubt the existence of a master manipulator, just look at recently elected officials in high power.  Do you see them accomplishing anything?  Ask yourself, do the holy books of any religion promote violence?  Yet violence continues.  Does anyone in a position of power look like the are comfortable and satisfied?  This line of enquiry can go on and on and it leads to the unmistakable conclusion that very few escape the control of a master manipulator.

The task before us is to promote the perception of the master manipulator and to promote a change in this situation in our visions, expectations, and future.  We promote a vision of the future where everyman is free to create his own self sustainable habitat free from external power and manipulation.

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