matrix energetics two point

matrix energetics two point

Remember holographic reality, oneness of all, and energetic entanglement and realize that possibilities are probabilities when you hold the right energetic perception. 

Initiating the Matrix Wave with the two point procedure goes something like this.

  • Become aware of the fluid – quantum – waveform lightness- incorporating body structures. 
  • Maintain an open… anything, I mean anything is possible perceptual consciousness.
  • Pick two interesting connected points where a waveform exists on the person. (ask for guidance)
  • Ask the Power of God to step in and move the transformation powerfully.
  • As you measure and observe the waveform it collapses.
  • Let go and silence the mind for a moment. The informational consciousness Matrix waveform will bring with it new information and transformation.

From Richard Bartlett’s toolkit.

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