moving in to heart space dropping down

moving in to heart space dropping down

Heart space is that area below the heart where there is space for the the thoughts of the mind and the emotions of the heart to blend.  In this space both can coexist.  It is from this space that miracles occur.  It is here that the tao says to store your energy.  This is the place that Matrix Energetics says to drop down to to enter an altered state to intend transformation.  It is here that the information of the left and right brain hemispheres can merge.

Move your attention to the area behind your navel or between your navel and heart.  Think and breathe and feel and live from this point and your life will transform.

I have focused on getting into grace and love space before.  The difference in this post is now we have a physical area for the center of this speacial attention and intention.

I have learned several techniques to help one move into the heart center that I will place on following posts.  The first and simplest technique to get into heart space is to.

  • Stand up and relax.  (If a mirror is available stand in front of the mirror)
  • Let your shoulders drop.
  • Think about bending your knees slightly. (Don’t necessarily do it)
  • Notice that your body is moving back and forth slightly! 
  • Notice where your center seems to be.  Is it in the abdomen?
  • If you have relaxed and can see your body rocking slightly you have dropped into “heart space” which is just below the heart.  You can be said to be experiencing the Matrix wave, or spirit wave.

When your “center” drops into the solar plexus area you enter an altered state of being from what is considered normal awareness.  In future posts I will show other techniques to increase the perceptual possibilities available from heart space.  At this time just know that it is possible to live most of your life centered here in the solar plexus or heart space.

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