my feelings and beliefs

my feelings and beliefs

My feelings, intent and beliefs determine what I experience and perceive.

I  feel gifted, grateful, compassionate and awed as I perceive the belief and experience of being a luminous human of conscious projection participating in the creation of my life.  It is my intention to live  and hold the state that is the most beneficially creative state.

My emotions, intent and beliefs initiate consciousness to create a space of peace, joy, love, creativity, energy, vitality, adventure and possibility about me.

My beliefs are based on

  • the knowledge that consciousness creates and affects the projection of quantum reality. 
  • quantum reality is holographically interconnected and energetically entangled, meaning that I can access  knowledge, and possibility in infinitely expanding reality possibilities.
  • in quantum conscious reality there are no solid separate objects, beings or stellar formations.
  • emotion, feelings and intent is the power that catalyzes creation.
  • use of the field of feeling as if what I am feeling is already there is the way to be a co-creator.
  • When we create certain qualities of feelings and emotions, coherent (like laser light) heart based emotions, they change the stuff we are made out of and the stuff the world is made of. (Gregg Braden)
  • looking expecting to see something is an act of creation because consciousness is creating and building the universe as we go.
  • Most people have learned to feel the feelings of the things that they don’t want in their lives instead of the things that they want. (Gregg Braden) So they create what they don’t want!  We know better.

Use this template to build your own reality.  Feel the feelings of what you want in your life.

May the power, light and love of God descend upon you and make you whole.

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