When a person is close to nature, something of the awareness of nature enters the person.  Many ancient enlightened avatars spent time in the forests and wilderness prior to acquiring heightened awareness.

You could say, when a man cultivates a tree something of the awareness of the tree enters the man.  It sounds greatly unusual, but something of the man must enter the awareness of the tree as well.  Tests as exposed in the book Secret Life of Plants prove this curious fact.

The awareness of a tree if one can call it that must be so different from than that of man that it is almost impossible to get into its perceptual comprehension.  Still there must be some awareness, as the tree does respond to stimuli and has the awareness to grow and develop in what seems to be an intelligent way.  Certainly no man made object has the awareness of intelligence of even one tree.

Pushing this envelope of curiosity a bit further one might ask what is the voice of the tree?  Is the voice of the tree expressed in the shape of its form?

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