nesting your assemblage point

nesting your assemblage point

Nesting your assemblage point

It could be said that the assemblage point is the lens through which we experience Life.  When that lens is askew, nothing will appear in its normal light or its normal focus… Della Van Hise

The assemblage point is the energetic area of your energy body where perception is assembled.

The position and the stability of the position of the assembly point determines the world you live in the world you perceive and the state of your life, health and emotions.

The ideal position to anchor the assemblage of perception for a balanced, healthy, happy life is in the heart chakra area near the thymus as shown in the previous post.

The tools you will use to move and anchor your perceptual gateway in this position are intent and energy.  Hold the intent to anchor your assemblage in the upper heart chakra while using your energy to collect and move it.

Various techniques can be used to facilitate collecting and anchoring your assemblage.

  • You can do tai chi or chi gong with the intent of collecting assembly energies and restoring them to the heart chakra.
  • You can do breathing meditation with the intent of collecting scattered assemblage or moving a displaced assemblage back to the heart chakra.
  • You can place your posture in a position holding the heart center forward and uplifted.
  • Hold the perception throughout your day of the vortex of energy of your assemblage being securely anchored in the heart chakra.
  • Exercise moving your head, eyes, and body while holding awareness of your assemblage center nested in its heart center.

You can create various techniques to anchor your assemblage point, the key is intent and to use your personal energy.  You can see previous posts on this topic on June 8 & 9th 2009, or you can search assemblage point in the upper right box.

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