Algorithms of your mind

Algorithms of your mind

After a weekend party I had this thought.  I had been talking to a particularly intelligent person and was struck by the way he wasted his intellect. Now it is not my place to tell him what to do with his brain power, still it seemed he made such a waste of his brain power.  Thinking further on this I came to the conclusion that most all of us massively waste our brain power on trivial things that do not progress ourselves or our families. Then I had a big brain fart.

What if we educated our children in a way that they learned to self monitor their own intellectual focus, or lack of focus? What if we could teach our children a way that they can rewrite the algorithms of their own minds? What if we taught them how to control which mental algorithms they gave priority to?  Wouldn’t it be a more interesting and creative and independent thinking batch of kids?

Again I realized that this is what the best teachers do.  They help their students to utilize efficient and productive mental processing algorithms. We trivialize this process by saying they teach their students to focus and remember the important things. Perhaps the real breakthrough here is realizing what is happening. Mental algorithms are being introduced, empowered and prioritized and this is the process of all learning. Algorithms of the mind!

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