coincidence control – synchronicity

coincidence control – synchronicity

The more you think about seeming coincidences, the more you will notice them happening. You think about something and there it is. Wow. Your looking for an answer, and wow there is a person explaining it to you.


Seeming coincidences are not coincidences at all they are the product of the synchronicity of intelligence. They are coherent in that they can lead one forward on a path of learning and awareness.

You can increase the synchronistic coincidences occurring in your life by intentionally expecting them, by actively looking for them. Try it. Today expect/look for the amazing unplanned meetings, recurring numbers, interactions, occurrences and profound insights.

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Now, I’ve known Synchronicity rather intimately for most of my adult life.  Synchronicity, as coined by Carl Jung, is the meaningful connection between two or more events that cannot be explained by the perception of cause and effect.  It’s serendipity, or in laymen’s terms, a ‘spooky coincidence.’

– Prologue, Season of the Serpent: Book One

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