DNA chi field

DNA chi field

DNA CHI FIELD where it going, where it is flowing and what it is showing.

In tai chi we are taught to recognize the feeling of the energy field — as our slow movements go through them.  We are taught to sense our human energy field. It is relatively easy, at least it was for me.

In current awareness it has been expressed that the DNA field is also in and around the body.

In this post I am making the perceptual leap that the fields are one and the same.  I am proposing that the DNA field is the source of consciousness, that mental consciousness is restricted from full consciousness. The goal of this analogy is to contemplate connecting the mental consciousness of self awareness to the greater consciousness of the body of cellular structure of the DNA field itself. The goal is to know what your chi knows, to know what your DNA knows, at least have a greater peak at it. For this post I use chi field, human energy field, DNA field interchangeably.

In this mental exercise contemplate a greater connection to the human energy field. This is not a seeking of a stronger feeling, this is a seeking of a talking to, a conceptual sharing, a communicating with the field in a mentally conscious manner.  Perhaps it begins with a holding of the awareness of the chi field. Then it moves to talking to the field, asking for greater communication, greater awareness of what it knows.  Then the next step is to hold the intention of staying connected to the greater field of awareness/knowing. Hold the intention of being aware of my personal chi, where it is and where it is flowing and what it is showing.

So the practice for you and me is to hold a sense of awareness of the DNA/CHI field while conceptually communicating with it. Like channeling yourself.

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