Give compassion a chance

Give compassion a chance

Put compassion out there and give it a chance to work in your life. When you make the effort to stay in a compassionate outlook you see the world differently.

What is not commonly recognized is that the eyes are two way instruments. Information goes out as well as in. The eyes are windows of the soul. The eyes tell no lies. What you are feeling is expressed through your eyes. When you intend to express compassion that is what your eyes express.

Sound and touch are the other two way instruments of feeling.

The feeling, the emotion you intend to share is easily expressed in the quality of the voice.

The intent of the way you touch others expresses your true feelings and impacts how the others will feel about you. In most every case when you intend to put out compassion everyone gets improved feelings. The world becomes a better place.

What is interesting is that it is feeling, not thought, that is shared. So to truly put compassion out there, intentionally put compassionate feeling in your voice, your touch, and your sight.

“Compassion is not weaponizable.”

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