We think of potential like water above a dam, waiting to move down to power a generator. Yet the water has other potentials. It is a home for fish. It can evaporate and rejoin the weather cycle. It can be diverted to farms and cities. Water in the lake has many potentials, an almost infinite directions it can go.

The same is true of our futures. We have the potential to move in a multitude of incarnations. We have the potential to move back into our lake, our center our beginning. Looking out from the divine point within, all of creation is waiting for expression and exploration by our attention. Our attention/expression is like the fiber optic lamp, it goes in many directions each with its own time line. Yet each line of time each expression of who we are flows from our center. As we feel our life occurring in a line of time we can remember where we flow from and remember other lines of life as well.

Quiet the attention on this line of life and intend the attention to move back to the center of awareness, even to other lines of experiences. All potential lies in the divine center. Like a hologram the fiber lamp is a metaphor of the self expressed and perceivable in a multitude of ways. Like the hologram the fiber lamp indicates the potential to go to the core and experience all that is. Just a thought……… What is your potential? Which potential do you choose to follow today?

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