Secret life of plants

Secret life of plants

This is from The Secret Life of Plants abstract

Plants are able to perform photosynthesis and cannot escape from environmental stresses, so they therefore developed sophisticated, highly responsive and dynamic physiology. Others and our results indicate that plants solve their optimal light acclimation and immune defenses, photosynthesis and transpiration by a computational algorithm of the cellular automation. Our recent results suggest that plants are capable of processing information encrypted in light intensity and its energy. With the help of nonphotochemical quenching and photelectrophysiological signaling (PEPS) plants are able to perform biological quantum computation and memorize light training in order to optimize their Darwinian fitness. Animals have their network of neuron synapses, electrophysiological circuits and memory, but plants have a network of chloroplasts connected by stromules, PEPS circuits transduced by bundle sheath cells and cellular light memory. It is suggested that plants could be intelligent organisms with much higher organism organization levels than it was thought before.

I found this to be quite interesting, and still recommend the book Secret Life of Plants, after all these years. It seems that a lot of followup research that could have been done by now has not been done. Especially more research needs to be done on the interaction of plants with human intentional fields. There remains tremendous opportunity in the study of plants.

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