You do not want to disrupt your energies, but you want to have some affect on where those energies go.  The ancients taught to gather energy, life force, or chi and to send it for storage into the tan tien.  I do not recall ever seeing indications of taking the energy out of the tan tien to move it into other areas.

My feeling is you want to send the energy you are gathering into the areas of body and mind in need.  If your eyes are weak send them energy. If you heart is weak send it energy. Just be aware not to overload any particular organ, especially the heart.

Send your energy to your power centers. Send your energies to the organs, muscles, awarenesses, nerves and veins that generate the momentum to propel you throughout your day.

Today I intend to send energy to the arterial and vein’s structures of the organs needing replenishment. This can be the whole body. This technique can be used to reverse subconscious intentions and blocks that restrict energy and blood flow where it is needed for a balanced life. In fact you can make it that intention, to override and supersede previous harmful subconscious intentions.

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