The Great Intent

The Great Intent

Peering back again from the looking glass of the future I witnessed a colossal change in the weather of the Middle East.  With amazement I witnessed the greening of all the Middle East and North Africa and the Mediterranean area.  I witnessed great savannas of grass lands and forests and farms suddenly develop in the years following the rains that began in late 2017 following the Great Intent. I witnessed a great change in the people of the Middle East and in the culture of the world. I was being witness to how the power of a compassionate humanity changed the world.

The Great Intent is what they began to call it. Looking through the looking glass I saw that the cultural impact as the Great Intent seemed a greater miracle than the greening of the deserts around the Mediterranean.

The Intended rains began to fall consistently in areas that had been bone dry for hundreds and sometimes thousands of years. Masses of individuals cried openly. People danced in the streets. A miracle was happening. Quite suddenly when the rains began to fall the deserts began to green as if seeds from heaven had descended. Tourists from all over the world flocked to see and feel and experience this miracle happening.

What we do not understand always seems miraculous. The miracle was a band of humans came to realize a latent God given capacity and used that power for a great good. The great good, the first Great Intent became the greening of the deserts. This is how it began …… and this was only the beginning.

In meditation this idea came to me.  It was quite a simple idea. The idea was so overwhelmingly potentially trans-formative that when the idea first occurred to me I could not sleep and I had to blog it out. This is the idea.

We know the power of intention. We know the power of prayer. The idea is to get as many people as possible praying and meditating and intending in the Western world to bring persistent beneficial rains to those predominantly Muslim desert areas. That is it. Very simple. A simple direct coherent beneficial intention. Intend for the rains to begin to fall, first in Saudi, then in all of these dry lands. Just like so many of us intended the fall of the Berlin wall, now a new generation is intending the greening of these desert lands as a prelude to the transformation of the world.

The idea is to demonstrate the power of united compassionate intent. The idea is to produce a compassionate priceless gift that seeming adversaries can never forget. The idea is to provide proof that compassionate intent on a massive scale produces massive benefits to everyone. The idea is to prove to people that they have the power to impact the world in a benevolent way.

It is well known that as individuals that we have the capacity to induce change merely with our conscious intent. We build our reality on what we think, speak and feel. Each of us knows the power of belief. We also know the power of compassion. When you put the power of intent and compassion and belief together with thousands of like minds miracles happen. We can intend the rains to fall and the deserts to bloom. This is not Pollyanna. Science has proved that consciousness has power over physics. Individuals united with like intent are a force no doubt. When I realized that the Western world could bless the mostly Muslim desert world I realized that I had found a path of compassion and a path to peace. A grand gesture produces great blessings. This grand gesture has the potential of many more that will transform the world.

It began with the intent of one man who decided to harness the consciousness of humanity for the good of all humanity. Then there was two, then a hundred and then the rains began to fall. Then there were thousands adding their intent and they all wanted to go and celebrate in the wet sands of the long dormant forests.

Every night before sleep join us for a few moments with intentions or nightly prayers visualizing these rains falling and nourishing these lands. Together we are the change we want to see in the world.

(for truly I say to you, If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you shall say to this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove Matthew 17:20)

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