transmute reactionary dramas

transmute reactionary dramas

Many people have come to realize that under the surface of their awareness thousands of subconscious memories and reactionary programs are continuously fighting for priority.

Most people want more conscious self control of their reactionary memory programs. Transmuting your own ingrained behaviors has been seen as nearly impossible.

There is a surprising way to transmute memories and reactionary programs. This method of transmutation is even said to affect body functions that are normally considered outside of the function of consciousness. What is important to remember is that the smart body utilizes intelligence to maintain and repair the body and that that intelligence is conscious. That intelligence resides in all of the cells of the body.

Because the cells of the body contain consciousness and consciousness affects consciousness you can utilize your conscious awareness to affect change and transmutation of dysfunctional personal programs.

You affect change and transmutation of any program first by intent and then with new or additional code (Just like modifying computer code to change the output). You change the code of your subconscious and the code of your cells the same way. You change their code by changing their information set. You talk to your cells! You talk to your subconscious with the intent for them to change their code.

“Consciousness, I am talking to you, I understand that you harbor these negative reactionary programs because you felt wronged and unloved.” “Consciousness, now that you know that to be loved you have to love.” “You know that others act in hurtful ways the same way you react in hurtful ways because of the sense of being unloved.” “Knowing this consciousness I ask you too change the script, the code of my reactionary memories.”

“Consciousness I ask you to add the following script/code to all of my reactionary memories knowing all drama is predicated on feeling unloved.”

  1. my memories spark compassion because I know that I was seeking to be loved and at times I felt unloved. (in all love”s broad encompass)
  2. an observation that sparks a reaction sparks compassion in me because I know that the other person is only seeking to be loved at some level of being.
  3. my body, mind and soul is best served by having the reaction of compassion and love.
  4. I am always loved. When I look deep inside I know that I am always loved. The same is true for everyone.

By intentionally talking¬† —- you transmute the code of your subconsciousness. You transmute your code to incite reactions of compassion no matter what. You transmute your code because you understand that it is the best way to affect self control.¬†When you transmute your code to intentionally step outside of drama and into love and compassion. You transmute your code because you understand that when you are in compassion you are sourcing love and that is what you really wanted anyway. You transmute your code because you rewrote your code.

A similar talking to the cells affects how your cells respond and develop.

Practice talking to your subconscious and talking to your cells. Practice compassion.


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