War Mongers

War Mongers

Stop for a moment and just look at the history of the world. It is the history of war. It is the history of a few individuals manipulating the masses of the rest of us to go to war – over and over. It is the history of killing, death, and the destruction of families, cities, countries and races. It is the history of GREAT PAIN inflicted on humanity because of the wishes of a tiny tiny minority, 1% of 1% of the population is pushing for war and profiting from it. This tiny minority controls the power and the media and that controls most of you.

War mongering psychology is rampant today.  Don’t you think that is time to say ENOUGH! God bless the soldiers. It is time to bring them home. Let’s train them to be members of society, not killers.

If there is a individual promoting war then the United Nations should send out mercenaries to arrest them and they should be tried at the Hague in the Netherlands as enemies of mankind.

Look around. There are so many warmongers pedaling weapons of mass destruction and pedaling hate in the media and in politics. There are so many gaining power and wealth psyching the masses to believe in fear and war.

Can we get a movement going to empower the United Nations to take to court any and all of these individuals for treason against humanity? It is genocide of the non 1%rs.

Any body that has a better idea, or wants to run with this, go for it. Please!

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