non reactivity

non reactivity

In the reactionary moment, do not react.  Accept what this Now moment is.  The grip of conditioned reactive patterns is so very very strong.  What you resist persists.  Give yourself a Gap Moment with your stillness.  As you surrender to this moment you open a gap in your awareness allowing consciousness of consciousness to enter.  Bring your stillness into the present moment.  A moment in stillness is an eternity in life.  In Stillness you are the Guru.  Right action comes from the Source you are in stillness.  You act rather than react. 

From right action the reactivity of the other person is not fed.  Their reactivity is enlightened.  Perhaps they will see the light.

  • Awaken your still self. 

The lanquage of God is stillness and everything else is a bad translation.  quoted by Eckhart Tolle’s

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