overcoming resistance

overcoming resistance

Resistance to new perceptions may build within you.  I find that when I am studying new out there ideas that I am only able to go so long with it and my inner resistance builds up and says enough is enough.

In order to get out their on the fringes of possibility you and I need to let go of inner resistance and allow the continued experience of expanding possibilities. 

The questions to ask yourself are.

  • Where is this feeling of enough, stop it now, centered? (In my gut and heart)
  • What is the cause of this feeling?  (possibly unconscious fears of what others think and generational inhibitions against change and what is perceptible).
  • Is this feeling of resisting change buried in energetic forces (morphic fields) that everyone is wired into?
  • If so, how do I disconnect from the morphic field producing my resistance to expanded awareness?
  • What would my gut and heart feel if I 2 pointed this resistance into a useful window for best possible outcome and it transformed into something else?
  • What happens to the resistance if I move it into my heart space and just love it, thank it, and let it go?

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