parallel universes creative realities

parallel universes creative realities

Parallel Universes Creative Realities

You can shift to a creative reality or a parallel universe for adventure, help, knowledge, wisdom or healing.

So we need fluidity to move the assemblage point elsewhere, and then we need the stability, the concentration, the energy to fix it on another position….. the movement and the fixation, fixing again the assemblage point at the different positions, thereby lighting up different realities that are just as concrete and real as what we take as reality of the everyday world. The Sorcerer’s Crossing” – Dimensions Magazine – 1994 Taisha Abelar in conversation with Alexander Blair-Ewart

Children do it all the time. We call it fantasy and imagination, but what is happening really? Playing is exploring alternate realities. Look at a meek child suddenly transform herself into a ferocious beast. She has shifted. Young children are masters at shifting realities.

Creative people speak of that aha moment. They open themselves up to the possibility of access to other shifts of awareness. That moment when their mind is receptive and quiet and stops and aha, they pop into a different awareness. That creative moment is a shift when it continues it is flow.

Great artists are able to shift to another level. A blues singer for example singer can reach down into his soul perception and move you to his level of perception. That is the feeling, the perceptual shift you feel when he touches your soul. He Moves Your shift.

Many famous scientists say that multiple realities of parallel universes do exist. If they exist then they must be accessible as through a hologram.–one-of-the-m.html

You learn from science that all pieces of a hologram contain the whole hologram. In the oneness of all, which is the hologram of life, you only need to shift your perception. Shift the light of your spirit to align a different reality a different outcome a different universe a different perspective a different awareness.

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