passing the glass ceiling

passing the glass ceiling

The metaphor of the glass ceiling is useful in perceiving the state of awareness that goes with being human.  You hit the cieling of what is humanly acceptable perception and you bounce back. 

Most people are content to experience life within the framework of the possiblities that are commonly accepted as human possibilites and limitations.  This blog is dedicated to expanding the commonly accepted perceptions of being human. We are looking to dissolve the ceiling, like turning off the power to the dog fence.  Suddenly infinite opportunities of new exploration open up.

We have been pushing our way through the glass ceiling as we have explored moving our perceptual focus in and outside of our physical body.  Following Tao practices has shown us how to move energy and attention in and beyond the human form.

Now we come to the point that we can perceive and recognize the energy blocks that are limiting our exploration and evolution.

We are at the point where we can ASK… How do we dissolve the energetic blocks and energetic inconsistencies that are blocking our energy flow and perceptual expansion.  In other words how do we dissolve mental and physical ills that limit the movement of our energies.  How do we heal ourselves so we may continue to liberate the movement of our energies and the energies of others?

We are at the point where we can ASK a higher power.  How do we dissolve energetic blocks?  And be prepared for an answer.  Be open to the answer in whatever form it may come.

Shift your perception to inquiry,  acceptance, trust, and receptivity.

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