perceptual images

perceptual images

As we choose to try to understand reality there is the possibility that our method of research itself is flawed.  The scientific method is basically tear something apart and analyze it.  Though this type of analysis has led us to a high technological world it has on the other hand nearly destroyed the ecology of the world. 

Strict scientific analysis leaves something out.  We seem to be missing a lot that earlier advanced civilizations may have had access to.  There may be better ways to access perceptions of the world around us.  Maybe perceiving through empowered feelings?  Maybe perceiving through feeling based imagery rather than word based thought.

Thinking and projecting in images may be one such way.  As an experiment today see what happens and you interact with others and instead of thinking them good thoughts, think them good images.  Perhaps your gaze will recognize the images of others as surrounded/glowing with beauty, blessings joy, and love.

See how your interactions change as you perceive others with energized images rather than with words.

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