perceptual oversimplification and reverse entropy

perceptual oversimplification and reverse entropy

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When you stop to apply your perception to truly attempt to comprehend what is going on you realize that a vast over simplification of common everyday life has severely limited your awareness.

Consider for example your awareness of a sparrow.  The sparrow is like a rock of solidity in our perceptual awareness. Yet the sparrow is an almost infinitely complex ever changing compact – extended field of light and information.  It is not just a simple object as our objective mind perceives it.  Just stop and realize all of the levels of life and light and information interacting to create what we call a sparrow.  If the sparrow was a mathematical construct it would be consuming terra bites of analysis every second to maintain itself.

Are you less than the sparrow?

We really have to start to try to understand the forces of reverse entropy  (Entropy being the concept that all things tend to move to disorder and decay and reverse entropy being the tendacy towards increasing order.)  to be more perceptually aware of our non objective extensive reality.

What is this force of reverse entropy that maintains and evolves extremely complex fields like that of the sparrow and you? 

How do we as individuals bring more reverse entropy into our lives to affect our personal evolution and the healing of others?

It seems that reverse entropy entered the cosmos from the “silence” or “emptiness” that proceeded the big bang birth.  Hence the silence and emptiness of meditation or “complete let go” could be the doorway to accessing or getting a feel for reverse entropy.

Is it possible that by trying to objectify the thought of entropy and reverse entropy we lost the capacity to understand it in its much greater reality?  Just as we lost the capacity for a greater understanding and appreciation of the sparrow by objectifying it. 

When we de-objectify reverse entropy we are left with an infinitely complex extended ”field of interaction” that organizes the reality we perceive and interact with.  An infinitely complex field of interaction organizes infinitely complex assemblages of interacting sub components.  The field could be God.  The sub components could be you, me and each other thing in existence.

How do you feel about being labeled an infinitely complex extended field of reverse entropy interaction?

Just stop and realize all of the levels of life and light and information interacting with reverse entropy to create what we experience as “here and now”.  Can you feel/see the magnitude of the beauty of the whole?

Just how does this awareness that we are infinitely complex interacting fields of light and information with the tendency to increase in complexity  ……. affect our personal evolution?  Can we use this wisdom to accelerate our evolution?

Just maintaining the awareness that our composition is infinitely complex interacting fields of light, spirit, and information is a huge evolution in itself. 

What organ of sense can we use to maintain our awareness of this reality? Is it the sense of awe?

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