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It has been a long time since I have posted here.  My life is continuing to evolve, sometimes backwards sometimes forwards. We would like to have more forwad movent of course.

Recently I have read a book called “Secrets of the Vine”.  The author is quite Biblical and Christian, but the philosophy of the book easily transcends both (nothing against either of course).  The philosipohy is that there is something great to be gained by seeking to remain concious of the creator, to abide in the creator as the author puts it.

One can practice being in present awareness of their God or spiritual guide.  The benefit being that one places their awareness in the center of creation, the center of abundance.  Abundance is a popular thing for many who are feeling lack.

Try this little thought for a moment.  Focus on being aware of creation now.  Focus your attention on the growing grass and trees and all of the molecular motions accompanying this.  Focus your attention on the ever changing evolving weather.  Pretend for a moment that time has speeded up and you can see all of these macroscoptic and microscopic movements and changes as creation unfolds in plants, animals, humans, thoughts, machines, weather and the universe. Feel yourself presently aware of your current situation and the the ongoing flow of micro and macro changes.  It is a momentus stupendus experience if you can embrace it.

If you can hold this creation awareness it is a beautiful thing to behold.  Experince holding the hand of your God or spiritual guide as they enable your awareness to expand to hold the ongoing unfoldment of creation.  What comes to mind is the scene in the video of the Peacefull Warrior where Dan Millman is holding the hand of his mentor on the college bridge and he sudenly sees/feels/experiences the unfolding beauty of creation happening now.

Back to the book by Bruce Wilkinson…. the premise is that…. you can abide in abundance by embracing God and maintaining awareness of his/her presence. Indeed, if you embrace God and hold the awareness of creation unfolding you can not help but be aware of the ceaseless flow of abundance.

Pray forward the leaders of Love and Light

Now is the time to call forth the leaders of love and light.  In these times the Antichrist is forecasted to come. Looking around we can see his face in many of our leaders and industries.

Yet we the people have the power to prayer forward the opposite — the leaders of love and light.  Indeed these are perilous times the world over and the world over people are looking for salvation.

Pray forward those young leaders that are waiting to take us to the next level of being.  Capitalism and socialism have both been appropriated by agents of darkness.  Indeed agents of darkness are now struggling to take over the governments of the world.  It is only through the emergence of these young ones of love and light that the world will be saved.

Pray forward the leaders of love and light in the USA, Europe, Greece, Arabia, Africa, Asia the world over.  Our unified voice and energies will help these young ones to emerge with the courage and will to step forward to evolve the world beyond the grasp of darkness.

Born again

… do not be a hypocrite and walk forward and proclaim yourself born again and then walk forward in hatred.  In hating peoples lifestyles or what they do – standing in judgment… for that is hypocrisy and that is you being trapped….. Do not stand in judgement……….  this is the point where you give yourself over to your higher self and are freed from the negativity.  Jesus said “Love, Love All and Do Not Judge or you will be judged for this is your Karma coming back to you reaping as you have sown in judgement – do not judge anyone.    from  Metatron this is the Clarion Call by R Mackenzie.

 Where you find yourself judging, replace that with love.  You know that the higher self dwells trapped within the other person.  So  take the path of aware discernment.  Observe others and love them, rather than judging them.  This is the way to garner your own freedom and lift up the world. 

This is the way you free yourself from negativity and fear.  Stop judging and be loving to all.  Simple..Reasonable..Intelligent..“Press the apply button in your own personal software and reap the rewards now.”

4th Dimensional?

Much to-do is being made about the Earth making the shift into 4th dimensional awareness.

As I understand it, in 4th dimensional reality, what you think is your reality.  You create your reality immediately as it comes into consciousness.  What you see out the window is what you just thought/felt within yourself.

In order to survive under such dimensional rules, negativity and duality can no longer exist.  What a different world that would be.

Is this the world of the heart we are pursuing where everything is knowingly interconnected through love as a oneness?   Is the 4th dimension unlike our world of the mind where everything is separated and divided into its constituents infinitely and infinitely smaller separate and distinct?

Many questions exist…….  Is it possible for the whole planet to make the adjustments necessary for such a shift?  Or is it only possible for each of us to come to the shift one by one as we singularly come aware?  Is it possible that once enough of us make the 4th dimensional shift that we will catalyze the rest of the world into the 4th dimension?  In 4th dimensional reality will technology of the heart replace technology of the mind?  Our very feelings will propel us to whatever place and reality we wish to visit?  As the problems of this world are felt away, where will the adventures of tomorrow take us?  Is this shift for real or is it a pollyanna concept reserved for the rare enlightened individual?  Will the Earth shift in 2012 or 2013?

By what mechanism can the fears of the masses be dissolved so that their underlying love determines what they manifest?  (Perhaps this is a question for each of us. What can we do to dissolve the fears of those around us?  What can we do to understand ourselves that underneath all of the tyranny and abberations in human behavior is that desire to love and be loved?)


The stargate

Stargate patterns can be considered geometric representations of states of being necessary to advance into different perceptions.  As in the previous post these stargate patterns are extracted from Drunvalo’s writings.

Circular breathing

Circular breathing is a simple technique akin to walking meditation where breathing in a certain way brings one back into alignment and the flow of prana (life force).

I could explain this meditation, but I have been reading “Living in the Heart” by Drunvalo.  I highly recommend that you read this book to learn the technique of circular breathing.

ps.  thank you to my readers, sorry for my absence as of late.  The ebb and flow of words is connected to the ebb and flow of life.

The road home

All roads lead home…..


Silicone Intelligence

There is a great rush among “logical thinkers” to develop a living intelligent computer, a silicone intelligence.  Tremendous strides have been made in the ability of silicone machines to process information.  Still the spark of life is missing.  The world wide web mind is developing. Still no one has determined how to give it heart.  Without heart there is no concept of the feeling of truth, honesty, love, or beauty.  The silicone remains a lifeless machine, a tool for good and bad.

In time we will see if carbon life (us) and silicone life will continue to be tools of creation and destruction or if both of us will follow a higher symbiotic course.

The perfection of creation

It has been said many ways by many individuals, yet the truth still rings true when one pauses to reconcile all things.  Everything in God’s creation is in perfect order, it is only our thinking that makes it seem not so.

The Eyes of a Baby

Look into the eyes of a baby and what do you see.  You see a being without judgement.  You see a pure being.  You see what you once were and still are — unobstructed perfection.

Recalling your infant self is a way of meditation.  Dwell in the self of you without judgement and inner dialogue.  Dwell in your perfection.  Dwell in the silent observer self.

Be as a child without the chatter that has collected about your soul.

When you come out of the meditation– bring this self with you.  Be in your true being-ness.

Dreaming from the Heart

I am interested in what others have experienced with the practice called “Dreaming from the Heart”.  Seems that this way of being, co creating may be important for the Shift.  Please leave your comment about your experience.  thanks

Pray for the Rich

A great thing that we can do at this moment in time is to pray for the rich. 

Pray for the rich.  You will find links to the richest of all on this Forbes link.

Bless the rich.  Pray that the rich be blessed with true love, true joy, and true prosperity.  Forgive the rich.  Pray that Grace shall fill their spirits.  Forgive as we were forgiven, so they may be forgiven.  May they be blessed with love.

Join us in going to this Forbes website and PRAYING FOR THESE fellow humans one at a time.

Concentrate your prayers for well being. 

Book Review, Transformation by Ed Silvoso

I just finished reading Transformation Change the Marketplace and Change the World, by Ed Silvoso and I found that it is very good book and points out the strengths of the Christian way versus the secular way of improving the world.  Even if you are not Christian you will find many nuggets of wisdom in this book. There is something to be said for the concept of allowing the higher power to transform your world rather than trying to force change on the world through the power of will and effort.

Another factor of forgiveness that Ed discusses is the holistic flow of forgiveness.  As transgressions of one individual affect us all, also forgiveness by one affect everyone.  In fact one person forgiving can and has started a snowball down the mountain that affects us all.

Ed has a website with several mentoring videos that are good.  This is the link to his website and an excellent video on forgiveness.



As you forgive you empower yourself to release the control that others have over you.  If you do not forgive, their transgressions against you will haunt you forever and forever disempower you.


What is Holy?

Honor the universe.  Honor the world.  Honor all peoples.  Honor the ecosystem.  Seek fairness and justice for all.

Regardless of what the religious establishment has catagorized as Holy, we can take a fuller perspective of the meaning of the word and give ourselves a bit more awareness.

If you consider Holy as a derivative of wholly, then the word takes back its true meaning.

Can it be that to be Holy, that one has and holds a vision of the whole of creation?  Can you be Holy by acting and living with great consideration for the whole universe, the world, its occupants and its ecosystem as well?