percieving and removing anger

percieving and removing anger

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This post concerns techniques to recognize and remove the anger that you carry about as part of your “baggage”.  I woke up in this morning with this idea about how to remove anger baggage.

  • First make a list of the situations that have made you angry.  Observe how thinking about each of these situations makes you feel. (I was surprised how big my list was.)  You may want to start a journal.
  • Second use your creative intent to remove the anger from your field.  You can create your own technique.  The technique that came to my mind this morning is that ….. I put each “anger’ into a brown paper bag in my imagination.  Then I fill the bag with helium and send it away up into the universe like a party balloon floating away with my emotional baggage.
  • Third, is to observe again how you feel about the situations that made you angry before.  For me… the anger seems to have dissipated and I find it more difficult to recall the situations.
  •  Try to use your creativity and intent to remove anger from your personal energy field.  The intent and the creativity seem to be the key.

After you do this exercise to dissolve your anger responses you will realize that you can do something similar to remove fears, magnify joy, increase love, even increase creativity.

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