predetermine your life

predetermine your life

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You have a choice to predetermine your life experiences by deciding in advance if you are going to react or pro-act.

You determine your life experience by pre determining if you will focus on others desires and feelings or your own desires and feelings.

Guiding the unfoldment of our lives is counter-intuitive to most of us because we have been trained since childhood to pre determine that others desires and wishes are the most important that we should REACT to them.

The focus of your thoughts attracts the creation of your life.  When you begin to predetermine to place the focus your attention on how you feel…. focusing on seeing and feeling beauty, appreciation, abundance, solutions, fun, adventure, love and joy…. your life shifts.  More beauty, abundance, appreciation, solutions, fun, adventure and love is drawn into your life.

Again this seems counter-intuitive because we have been “trained” to please others…. to react.  But, if you stop to think for a moment you will understand that when you proactively take responsibility to control the focus of your attention you take responsibility for the co creation of your life.

The statement “You are just as happy as you make up your mind to be.”  is a product of this awareness.

What you proactively pre-determine to feel in your life actually co creates your world as strange as that sounds.  By choosing to focus on your own positive feelings and ignoring the desire of others to control your feelings you determine what you attract into your life.  You cocreate your life.  You become the playwright of your own life.

Try it.  Make it your intent today to only focus on positive feelings and thoughts that you can find and ignore the unpleasant feelings and thoughts that you would normally focus on.  As you practice this exercise your life will shift.  You can experience tremendous change and healings if you practice this simple exercise.  For more info on this type of thinking please read the books by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

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