projecting your world

projecting your world

As you begin to experience yourself and realize yourself as an entity of consciousness projecting luminous experiences …… your expectations of what is possible and probable transform.  The laws and rules of particle  based physics expire. 

You are no longer bound to the limited probability states ruled by the particle based physics of the solid matter world.  You enter a reality where the boundaries of what are possible are infinitely expanded by the infinite probabilities forecast by quantum (light) physics.

You are free to choose to project and experience any of the infinite probability states of the quantum light world that you now live in.

You world now is truly magic from the point of view of someone living from the consciousness of the solid matter world.  In this magical quantum world, a change in your consciousness will change your projections, change your life,  and change your perceptual experience.  Instantaneous healing transformation becomes a probability.  Communication beyond the material norm become a probability.  Access to undreamed of wisdom, learning and adventure become probabilities. An environment of awesome beauty and expectation become a probability.  Creation of experiences that can only be called phantasmagorical become realities.

You are a magician.  You are a magician as you believe that you are consciousness that can change the consciousness that creates the world of light that you project. (If your faith is as strong as a mustrad seed you can move a mountain… Bible)

Your perceptual experiences are no longer limited by limiting beliefs.  Your perceptual experiences become only limited by the limits of your imagination and the boundaries set by infinite quantum probabilites. (or higher consciousnesses)


 (Our consciousness produces our experiences.  Our consciousness is our  programing software…….  enabling, limiting, and creating our perceptual projections.  Complex consciousness programming produces the complex virtual reality we experience as life. Changing your software by changing your consciousness (beliefs) will change your projections, change your life and  change your perceptual experience.  It is all real, yet unreal.  Life is a virtual reality game that is expanding our world of perceptual potential.)

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