quantum perception

quantum perception

Quantum mechanics tells us without doubt that ……. the act of observation creates the reality observed. 

This has been proven over and over on the small scale.  Without doubt quantum mechanics also applies to the larger scale of creation.  As this is the case, why are we all wallowing in things that we do not wish to perceive?

Why don’t you just observe the reality you want to be in? 

Is it that some stronger observer is creating your space?  Is it that some higher power has a restraining order on what is observable in order to save the world from destruction?  Is it that you are abdicating your right to observe what you want to observe?  Is it that if you do not willfully choose what you observe then someone else will choose for you?

High priests of old created the observational imagery of the moneyaucracy to replace the expense and trouble of maintaining direct slavery.  This imagery still holds sway upon all of us.

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