quantum reality

quantum reality

The Quantum Reality Behind The Veil of Classical Mechanism

In Schrödinger’s words, “this whole is not so constituted that it can be surveyed in one single glance.” But behind this apparent proliferation of subjects and objects, all are united and intricately interconnected.”

What has the quantum realm revealed beneath the illusion of Newton’s universe?

  • That atomic matter, supposedly the ultimate immutable substance, dissolves into waves of potential existence.
  • That determinism, which rigidly governed Newton’s universe like a cosmic machine, falls apart, giving us a world with spontaneity.
  • That the objective world, existing “out there” independent of observers, vanishes, leaving a world in which the observer and the observed are interdependent.
  • That the manifold world of separate independent objects interacting locally within space and time is transcended, revealing a realm where all things are nonlocally united in an indivisible whole.
  • fromhttp://www.integralscience.org/ConsciousQM.html

Since we are moving to discard solid material perceptual reality based on Newtonian physics it is good to have a reference for the probability possiblity quantum physics based perception we are moving to.  The whole post from the link above is well worth reading.

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