random acts of healing

random acts of healing

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 What better way is there to practice random acts of kindness than to practice random acts of healing.

As you interact with people during the day, if you are alert you will notice the energy of individuals in need.  As a practice you can.

  1. Recognize/sense/feel the needs of others in dis-stress or dis-ease.
  2. Intend to connect the energy/information fields of you, the distressed individual and the universe for the purpose of healing transformation.  Do this while maintaining admiration, love and appreciation for the distressed person.
  3. Take a deep breath in…. drawing in the distressed persons information into your heart center.
  4. Let a deep breath out…. blowing the information with your energy in all directions out into the universe from your heart center.
  5. Take a deep breath in…. drawing back energy/information from all directions of the universe into your heart center once again, confident that the universe has sent what needs to be sent.
  6. In a slow breath out…. blow out the transformational energy you have inhaled from the universe into the field or the heart center of the one in need. (I visualize the gift from the universe as a living sparkling ball of conscious swirling lights of transformational healing energy and information that integrates with the distressed individual transforming him/her.)
  7. Let go.
  8. Pay attention to any feelings/sensations in your own self and any reactions in the one in need.
  9. Repeat as you feel necessary.

Connect with oneness, compassion, gratitude, beauty and grace: breathe in-breathe out, breathe in-breathe out–With intention to conduct the healing Grace of God/Universe/Source

update 3/7/11  Maybe an abbreviated version of this practice is to

  1. Breathe into your heart center the dis-stress, dis-ease of the other person… along with the wisdom and awareness of the universe.
  2. In a slow breath out…. blow out the energy of the other that has been transformed by universe into the field and the heart center of the one in need.
  3. Do this all the while staying in the state of appreciation.

. Pay attention.

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